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"Explore Over Here's organizational structure to discover where your unique skills and talents can shine, and contribute meaningfully to our community efforts.



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Volunteer with Over Here, Community Arts Adventure

Welcome and thank you for considering joining us at Over Here, Community Arts Adventure! With our collective efforts, we have the chance to do something truly remarkable for our community – kindle connections, foster friendships, and nourish neighborhoods through the vibrant brushstrokes of creativity.

Volunteering with us isn't just about dedicating your time; it's about the invaluable experiences you'll gain, the joy of being part of a spirited team, and the satisfaction of seeing your community flourish. Together, we’ll paint a future rich with collaboration and camaraderie.

Benefits of Volunteering:

  • Make Meaningful Connections: Work side by side with community members from all walks of life, enriching the tapestry of our shared space with each thread of friendship formed.

  • Drive Positive Change: Mingle your efforts with ours to create events and art that transform and uplift our community spirit.

  • Harness the Joy of Creativity: Immerse yourself in creative pursuits while contributing to a collective legacy that inspires joy and unity.

  • Building a Legacy: Craft a story of change and build a legacy that resonates within the community today and echoes into the future.

Ready to Join Our Creative Crusade?

To become a volunteer, simply fill out the form below. It's the first step toward making a big difference in our community. After submission, our enthusiastic Over Here Team will reach out to you to guide you through the next steps of bringing your unique talents to our collective canvas.

Here's to creating something beautiful.

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Volunteer Experience

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Skills and Interests

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Program Selection

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Availability and Level of Commitment

Level of Committment
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Are you passionate about creating memorable events that bring people together? Help us organize and execute exceptional community gatherings.

Event Coordinator

Are you passionate about making a difference and skilled in motivating others? Join us as a Volunteer Coordinator and become the linchpin in our team of dedicated volunteers. In this vital role, you will help shape the heart of our volunteer-led initiatives.

Volunteer Coordinator

"Channel your persuasive talents into securing vital funds and leading our community fundraising initiatives for continued success and expansion."

Grant Writer / Fundraising

We're looking for enthusiastic team members for roles in event coordination, grant writing, and fundraising to make a lasting impact on our organization's mission.

Join Our Mission-Driven Team: Impact Lives with Your Talent

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