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Partnership Opportunities OVER HERE.

We believe that art has the power to inspire and unite communities. Our partnership opportunities focus on creating public and community art that contributes to building a stronger sense of community. With the Art Ruralz Trail and our events throughout the year, we keep people active and engaged in the arts, promoting local businesses and bringing people together. Please complete this form if you want to partner with OVER HERE to build a thriving and united community.

Are you passionate about creating memorable events that bring people together? Help us organize and execute exceptional community gatherings.

Event Coordinator

Have the knack for rallying support and resources? Lead our fundraising efforts to maintain and expand our community initiatives.

Fundraising Specialist

Use your persuasive writing skills to secure the funding needed for our ambitious projects. Your eloquence could be the key to our next success story.

Grant Writer

We're looking for enthusiastic team members for roles in event coordination, grant writing, and fundraising to make a lasting impact on our organization's mission.

Join Our Mission-Driven Team: Impact Lives with Your Talent

Over Here Organization

"Explore Over Here's organizational structure to discover where your unique skills and talents can shine, and contribute meaningfully to our community efforts.

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