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 Creativity Is Giving Yourself Time To Play


11:15 am – 3:30 pm

Wellington County Library, Hillsburgh


This outdoor Plein Air painting event is open to artists, enthusiasts, and all community members.


MAY 25, 2024

11:15 am – 3:30 pm

Hillsburgh Library, 

9 Station Street

This outdoor Plein Air painting event is open to artists, enthusiasts, and all community members.



Welcome plein air artists, enthusiasts, and community members.  Over Here extends an open invitation for anyone interested in painting and art-making outdoors to join us for an outdoor on-location “paint out” at the Hillsburgh Library.


This is an open call and invitation by OverHere for anyone interested in painting or art-making on-location in the Arts By The Pond Paint Out.


Gather, sign-in & verify your blank canvas/media with OverHere by 11:30 am, paint on location, return to the sign-in table by 3:30 p.m. to show-off final creations.  Jurying for the gallery will finish by 4p.m.


This is a BYOE (Bring Your Own Easel).  No rain dates.  Please read through the FAQ's below.


Unlock Your Creativity at Our Community Art Gathering!

First timers or those preferring some instruction before painting can join Ilana Miller from Over Here for a friendly introduction to outdoor (Plein air) Painting.


  • Around 11:15 a.m. and every hour after, sign-in with Ilana to receive a free lesson welcoming individuals, families, and groups to the world of art.

Join us for this enjoyable event, and perhaps you'll uncover a hidden passion or skill.

Seize the opportunity to create, explore, and inject some fun into your day!

Didn't bring your art supplies? Kits will be available for purchase on the day of the event.

Please read the FAQs below.

    1. Bring Your Own Easel (BYOE).  This is a self-guided event - participants bring their own easel (or chair), paints, and outdoor equipment.

    2. Gather by the Paint Out's Sign in table to verify your event-specific canvas/media directly after the Public Art Sculpture Unveiling, by 11:30 a.m.  

    3. Paint Out participants can also sign in using the form below, but each canvas/media must be verified onsite by the event lead (Robin).

    4. Artists accept certain terms of use (see event terms and conditions), including potential use in photos online, for the Host’s community arts and promotional purposes – otherwise, all artwork and accompanying rights remain with the artist. 

    5. Verified canvas/media are eligible for juried prizes, pending donations or sponsorship on return and display. 

    6. Artists may submit multiple verified and finished canvases by 3:30 p.m.

    7. Bring your own art-hanging or framing equipment for display purposes (optional).

  • 1.  Washrooms and drinking water are available.


    2.  It is important to note:  Brushes need to be cleaned and dirty water needs to be dumped in the pails situated by the Plein Air lesson tent, not inside the library or at the hand wash stations​. 

  • 1.  Limit your canvas/media sizes to 12 x 16 inches and under unless pre-approved. 

    2.  Brushes need to be cleaned and used water needs to be dumped in the pails situated by the Community Plein Air lesson tent, not inside the library or at the hand wash stations​

  • You can paint anywhere on the library grounds or the art path.  

    1. This event will run rain or shine.  

  • 1.  You will be eligible for the People's Choice Award if your canvas is verified before you begin painting.  Currently, there is a prize for the People's Choice Award with a category for 12 and under, under 18, and 18 and over - winners are awarded by the most number of online votes.

    2.  Juried prizes will be posted online closer to the day.

    3.  You can vote for People's Choice Award by casting a ballot using the QR code provided.

    1.  Return your final creations by 3:30 p.m. latest to be eligible for jurying .

    2.  Ensure your artwork includes your official verification card with your number given at sign-in. 
    3.  Any awards and juried results will be announced between 3:30 p.m. - 4 p. m.​Any awards and juried results will be announced between 3:45 p.m. - 4 p.m.

    4. Artwork must be picked-up promptly after final photos and announcements, at event-end (4p.m.)

  • Selected artwork including “People’s Choice” winners, may be asked to display indoors or at alternate venues after the event.   The Event Leads (Robin & Nancy& Ilana) will contact the artists directly during jurying.

  • **Terms and Conditions** 


    By participation, sign-in and verification of media at this event (and otherwise, effective May 1, 2024), you consent and agree to the following event terms and conditions (will be posted online and on sign-in):  


    Host, as referenced, means and its sponsor and host venue, County Wellington Library Hillsburgh Branch’s Library Landing. These event-specific terms augment any applicable Host terms, onsite rules, and laws.


    Voting for your favourite original creation displayed at the event—eligible votes must be made via the online form [QR code provided]; one vote per person for each category: “adult (A)” and “kid under 18 (K),” indicated by the assigned number (your email address is optional).


    Privacy & Consent to Event-specific Images.


    Terms of Use:

    • Trademarks, logos and service marks (the “Marks”) displayed in or at the venue or online are solely owned by the Host or their third parties - participants must not misuse or modify Marks. 

    • You remain solely responsible for the Images submitted and the consequences of using and posting such submissions for Host and Event; you will be solely liable for any damage resulting from any infringement of copyrights, proprietary rights, or any other harm resulting from submissions. 

    • Your activity, likeness and creations may be made publicly available, photographed and/or captured by media during the event (“Images”) and used, modified and reproduced by the Host, including potential use in photos online as part of social media posts for the Host’s community arts and promotional purposes; 

    • Except as below and by law, Images taken are deemed non-confidential and non-proprietary and except for the for Host-owned or provided Marks as below, you:

      • Waive all moral rights and any rights of privacy, personality and publicity you may have in your submissions;

      • Release the Host from any expense or liability attributable activities at the event and/or applicable to the capture and use of your Images; and

    • otherwise, art or property, all artwork, use and accompanying ownership rights in the Images remain with the artist.


    Please be respectful of the Host, other attendees and artists - do ask permission to photograph them or before reproducing their Images.


    Consent to Contact - If you are at or over the age of majority in your jurisdiction of residence (Adult), we may contact you using the email address you signed in with online. Those 18 or under must be accompanied by adult participants. If you aren’t yet an Adult, your parent must authorize your participation and permissions you as a “Kid” artist - however, they remain responsible for you as if you were an Adult-participant under this agreement.  

    Prizes may be accompanied by certain, additional conditions. Host held Harmless. As this is a free and public event, the Host and their event organizers/volunteers aren’t to be made liable for damages, nor third-party claims, of any kind. You indemnify, defend and hold harmless the event organizers and Host, from any and all damages arising during or related to participation or event activities within the bounds of this agreement and venue rules. The Host reserves the right and any lawful means to cease activities under this agreement and to eject you and/or any participant acting counter to this agreement from the venue at any time. 


    Online Updates. These terms and conditions cannot be amended by participating artists or the attending public without the mutual written agreement of the Host, specifying a new effective date and authorization by the OverHere Board - however, the Host reserves the right, exercisable in our sole discretion, to update the terms of this agreement from time to time (will post notice and the latest version online (this version “1-2024”). For clarity, any amended agreement will supersede all previous versions of prior versions, but changes will not apply retroactively.Your rights and obligations here are not transferable. 


    If you don’t agree with the foregoing terms, we ask that you do not sign into this event or provide Images for display (notifying photographers whenever possible and in advance that you have not consented to the use of your Images or likeness). 


    Thank you for your participation and agreement. Terms: v1-2024.


Paint Out Sign-In

Arts Event By The Pond

Select the appropriate group
12 and Under (Kids-parents must check)
13 to18 (Teens-parents must check)
19 and over (Adult)

For any questions or updates follow Overhere on social media, or contact Robin at

Remember to hashtag your photos and creations with #OverHereCommunityArtsAdventure and #overherepaintout during the event.



Insert the number associated with your choice in the appropriate category:

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